Lisa Berry: The Faith to Follow Her Dreams by Tracy Diane Miller

I am a big believer in having faith and in expressing gratitude. I remember back in 1970 (when I was 5 years old), my mother taught me and my twin sister Stacy to always find something in each day to feel grateful for and to show your gratitude. Even a bad experience can lead to gratitude and a discovery of your inner strength and a new path in your journey.

On February 6, 1989, I was a second year law student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Today, February 6, 2017, I make my living as a published poet of numerous poetry books and as a full-time writer. I needed to graduate from law school and spend nearly 30 years in the legal profession. All of these years were part of God’s timetable to allow me to learn about myself before I achieved my dream. I am extremely grateful every day that I enjoy this new chapter of my life as a full-time writer.

Actress and singer Lisa Berry had the faith to follow her dreams. Now she is captivating us with her talent and inspiring us by her example. Kindness and gratitude are essential ingredients in Berry’s recipe for her daily life. She is a force to motivate us all.

Berry has momentarily ended an epic and dramatic run as Billie the Reaper on The CW’s longest running show, Supernatural. I say momentarily because as fans of Supernatural saw in the show’s monumental 250th episode, Billie met her demise at the hands of the Winchesters’ (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Samantha Smith) angelic friend and protector Castiel (Misha Collins). Yet, death is never truly the end on Supernatural. With the passionate fan base that Berry has acquired and with the emotional depth that she brings to every scene in which she appears, I fully expect to see our favorite reaper on the show again. Supernatural was renewed for Season 13 and Billie warned Sam and Dean that breaking the deal would initiate cosmic consequences. In addition, what exactly is Billie’s relationship with Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard)? Supernatural writers are ingenious; there are so many threads that still exist to return Billie to the Supernatural landscape.

Lisa Berry’s faith in following her dreams and her unquestioned talent saw the dynamic actress become a recurring character on Supernatural, a show that she had religiously watched as a passionate fan. When I recently interviewed Berry for The Nerdy Girl Express, she revealed that she had auditioned for Supernatural “for years and years and years.” Berry could have easily become discouraged, but she didn’t. Her role as Billie was destined but destiny often has slowest gait. Patience is considered a virtue. Still, I would submit that patience is a necessity on this road that we call life.

Tonight, Berry enters the Shadowhunters universe as Sister Cleophas, a character who she describes as “extremely powerful and extremely intelligent. She’s a definite force.” For Berry, tackling this new challenge is “the kind of character every actor wants to play in a fantastical world like Shadowhunters.”

Berry is a true testament to how faith, hard work, kindness and gratitude creates a beautiful package. Social media often feeds on negativity; there is so much anger and hate weighing us down. Yet, Berry makes the choice to be a kind, positive and inspirational voice on Twitter. Her marvelous website, , is a reflection of her spirit, that “light in the darkness.”

Lisa Berry has the faith to follow her dreams. Her road so far has been paved with successes and disappointments. I have no doubt that Berry will continue to follow her dreams with grace and gratitude. She will carry on as an inspirational voice for us all.