Here is a new poem that I just wrote for @MiniatureMoosey :

#amwriting #poetry Through a stranger’s eyes, a poem for @MiniatureMoosey by Tracy Diane Miller
You hurt
The pain you feel is real
Lonely and unworthy
An albatross that can’t be concealed

You look at yourself in the mirror
But the face that you can’t truly see
Is the face of a remarkable person
That life has molded you to be

Yet through a stranger’s eyes
That person you may not know
Can see the joy that you bring
And with a poem she will tell you so

Please don’t underestimate you
Through kindness and through art
For you enrich the lives of others
By giving them a piece of your heart

Please remember what Jared Padalecki says
Weave his words into your soul and into our mind
For you matter
For you are enough
And to love yourself first is the gift that you will find

Through a stranger’s eyes
A poet who is me
My prayer for you today
Is to look at yourself and see the beauty you came to be

Beautiful in compassion
Beautifully unique

For those moments when you forget
For those moments when you want to surrender to your pain
Please remember what Jared Padalecki says
Because loving yourself first is that strength that you gain