Here is a new song that I wrote for JB Coffman inspired by her book, Roote 66:

“Take Me To The Bend,” a song  based on Roote 66 by JB Coffman

Through miles of endless road
A kaleidoscope of memories
The howling winds won’t let me forget
My heart aches with painful regret

For I see the child
For I see sweet Brittany
The moments pass me by
I replay her smile in my mind
Through my tears I question why

Along Route 66
Will your pain find an end
With wings of hope to carry you
To new beginnings, my friend

Take me to The Bend
Discover me, for I don’t want to be lost
The shadows of my memories
Haven’t I paid the ultimate cost

Take me to The Bend
Discover me, for maybe I’m a misfit
Yet give me the strength to endure my pain
And never let me quit

Take me to The Bend
Where my new life does await
Those shadows of my memories
Of the love for a child so great

Take me to The Bend
For I am ready to see
A future no longer silent
A new path carved for me