#HappyBirthdayLisaSteinberg #poetry
Whispers, a birthday poem for Lisa Steinberg by Tracy Diane Miller

When you awake each morning
Uncertain of how the day might go
Your soul speaks through whispers
To deliver the messages your heart and mind must know
Whispers of faith
To fight those thoughts of doubt
Your passion and talent are the answer
The gift that you let out
Whispers of memories
Full of joy and absent wrath
For the past serves as your constant guide
As you travel along your life’s path
Whispers of joy
From the many voices from across the miles
The people who always think of you
The people who want to see you smile
And from me
Can you hear my whispers
The whispers from a poet
From this verse I seek to convey
My very best wishes are with you
As you celebrate your birthday