#amwriting #poetry  Does writing cure fear, a birthday poem for @JoBelleCee by Tracy Diane Miller
I close my eyes,
And I see shadows of my past.
These shadows who stare at me

Witnesses to all my moments of doubt,
Witnesses to the truest essence of me,
I kept cautiously hidden
Determined to never let out.

So many people who called me odd or weird,
Or any other cruel names,
For them cruelty was their mark of honor
But for me, it hurt all the same.

Why did I listen to their angry words?
Why did I memorize their taunts?
Why did I become paralyzed by fear?
Self doubt becomes the ghost that haunts.

Yet, my Muse would never leave me;
She smiled, and then she took my hand.
Then she gave me the precious gift of words
To comfort me through my pain, you understand.

Does writing cure fear?
The answer emerged so clearly that day.
Slowly, I soon learned that I am neither odd nor weird;
But I am a writer with courage and hope to convey.

When you read my books; you discover Ev or Rainey
Or Lily or DJ or Nick or Jack too.
Their voices will speak directly to your heart;
Their courage sees them through.

I am a writer
I see my past through the lens of words
I listen to the rhythm of my soul
Where the truth is always heard

Does writing cure fear
My Muse has given me the skill
Then I give all readers my words
And rejoice, for the gift of words is endless goodwill