#amwriting #poetry His heart is full of music, a poem for @mykalday1 by Tracy Diane Miller
Like the soulful strains of a guitar
Or the noble beat of a drum, to stir a heart
His compassion and caring is endless
For him, kindness isn’t a forgotten art

This quiet man, a southern gentleman
In the shadows of a world gone wrong
Who shares his heart with others
In his promotion of many a song

For the poet whose words aren’t really silent
As verse has its own distinctive beat
His heart is full of music
Mike is the gentle soul who I hope to meet

His heart is full of music
In my many moments of despair
I can still smile at this one truth:
Mike always shows how much he cares

He connects in a way that is real
Authentic is he
Mike is that quiet, southern gentleman
A true friend that I see