#amwriting #poetry Look at her, a poem for @sleepingkoala45 by Tracy Diane Miller

She drinks in the music, an elixir with its soothing strains
For the songs that belong to her memories, will quiet her intense pain.

She devours a slew of books, a librarian she used to be
For as a lover of words, creativity she always sees.

She champions equality, and condemns the voices of hate
For compassion and intelligence are her armor, these weapons will not wait.

Look at her, decency is her cause
For this world swallowed in the jaws of hate, society must pause.

Look at her, see this woman in your sight
For courage has no expiration date, she will never give up the fight.

Look at her, see this woman who is not defined by a life of pain
For despite the tears that she has shed, determination became hers to gain.