#amwriting #poetry I don’t regret my past, a poem for @DonnaY1legwondr by Tracy Diane Miller
I don’t regret my past
Mistakes aren’t my foes
For each misstep that I have made
Has led me to this moment I know

I don’t regret my past
Despite any of my actions born from fear
For even at my lowest point
God protected me and He was always near

I don’t regret my past
Pain and sorrow didn’t defeat me
For faith is the blueprint of my destiny
To build the person that I came to be

I don’t regret my past
Today when despair is where others dwell
I listen with my heart and I share my journey
I desire to help others in their journeys as well

I don’t regret my past
Maybe it took years for me to understand
For struggle is a point in this destination of life
Yet faith offers the strongest hand