#amwriting #poetry #thinkingofyou Here is a new poem that I just wrote for Joey Adams :
#amwriting #poetry Never silence a writer’s voice, a poem for Joey Adams by Tracy Diane Miller

The writer
He watches the landscape of the country he loves sadly change before his eyes: colored in the dark hues of hatred, prejudice and mistrust, a world so painful to see.

The writer
He summons the words buried deep within his soul: his emotions dressed in truth, desperate to break free.

The writer
His voice is strong: For every person who wants to make him invisible, or silence his voice.

The writer
His mission is one of compassion;
Compassion has always been his choice.

The writer
He penned a script, a story that Hollywood in its
arrogance and self-absorbed temperament is afraid for the story to be told;
Where a middle aged woman leads the narrative, buoyed by her resiliency, Internity did unfold.

The writer
Never silence his voice: Instead, look towards his
authenticity, the genius of his words.

For in the truth of his heart,
This writer must be heard.