#amwriting #poetry Thinking of you with a smile, a poem for @erinwise82 by Tracy Diane Miller
When the world comes crashing down upon you
Unforgiving, like an angry wave
When you just want to disappear
Why can’t life just behave?

You may think to yourself
Ask the question, through your despair
If I could just disappear
Who would really care?

The answer you need to see
The answer stares right back you
The truth before your eyes
Told in the hearts of those who love you, it should come as no surprise

I think of you with a smile
I think of the woman, with the unspoken sorrow
Who in silence may weep
Yet, she gives hope to others: Hope becomes theirs to keep

I think of you with a smile; I know that my life often refuses to behave
And I know how you have reached out to me
At my lowest moments: when I may not expected compassion
But it was compassion I craved

I think of you with a smile
I think of you, Erin
Of your burdens so great
And through the miles, these words I send, I anticipate

That somehow, as you feel lost
When sorrow wages a very high cost
I think of you, and a poem I write
These small words of solace, to blanket the night

When you just want to disappear
I need for you to know
These words that I write
My affection to grow

Erin, you give so much to others
Even as you ask: how could that be
Please look at me
For I want you to see

The girl who writes poetry
These words from her heart
She sees you so clearly
Compassion becomes your art

Erin, if others won’t take the time
To say these words
Please keep them near
Hearts would be broken, if you disappeared