@aycox_fans My Review of Misunderstood Meri Jane, Episode 5 with @RealNickiAycox
Misunderstood Meri Jane with Nicki Aycox has been an unscripted, raw, compassionate and informative look at the benefits of medicinal marijuana in managing the paralyzing effects of high functioning anxiety. Actress and musician Nicki Aycox has fully honored the covenant that she made with listeners from the outset of this podcast series by not only drawing upon her personal experiences and research but also by examining this topic in an uncensored and honest way. Aycox reminds listeners that the onerous is on all of us to remain informed and to broach any arguments on this issue from a position of compassion.

Episode 5 begins with Aycox expanding on her look at the CB 1 receptor (discussed in Episode 4) as she notes, “which is a receptor that is found in the human brain that binds itself to the THC compound also known as the cannabinoid that is found in the marijuana plant that is a major cause for the stoned feeling we get when we consume marijuana.” Aycox is candid in admitting that she doesn’t enjoy the side effects associated with feeling stoned as much (although she doesn’t always dislike it); rather, she seeks the relaxed feeling that aids in her high functioning anxiety. Since high functioning anxiety is exhausting (due to the tendency to overanalyze and thoughts becoming heightened) so clearly, a relaxed state is advantageous.

What I find to be an asset to this podcast series is that Aycox carefully lays the framework for why medicinal marijuana is beneficial in managing high functioning anxiety, yet she is always notes that there are factors at play that each individual needs to explore for him or herself. Thus, unlike pharmaceuticals, medicinal marijuana is “non conditional”, that is, you won’t get the same effect every time and in addition, your body doesn’t depend on marijuana to the same extent that it would be on pharmaceuticals (which is why pharmaceuticals cause addiction). Aycox does caution, though, if you’re using marijuana to chase a high, the desire for that high can be addictive. “Checking out on life” or “escapism” have inherent dangers.

Along those lines, Aycox carefully draws distinctions between the recreational use of marijuana for the sole purpose of getting high versus the medicinal use of marijuana to combat high functioning anxiety. Still, compassion is underlying Aycox’s arguments in that she comes from a place of advocacy not judgment.

Misunderstood Meri Jane, Episode 5, effectively builds upon the themes of the earlier episodes. Well done, Nicki Aycox!