Here is a new poem that I just wrote for Donna Crawford. I know that you have been having a difficult time. I hope that my words offer you a little comfort. I’m thinking of you today, Donna Crawford :

#amwriting #poetry #AlwaysKeepFighting Life’s Crossroads, a poem for Donna Crawford by Tracy Diane Miller

Doubt and uncertainty
Pain and sorrow
The tears of today
Will they leave me tomorrow?

For I stand at life’s crossroads
I listen to a heartbeat;
The sound of determination
To rise above defeat.

Yet, I am human
There are tears that leave a message of melancholy
across my face;
I am tired, sometimes weary, in life’s endless race.

I see a world that scares me each day, growing before my eyes
I see the warriors of compassion, strong and ready to fight
And beyond my pain, do you know what else I see?
I see life’s crossroads, clear and within sight.

Fate is mischievous
I know that she won’t speak,
What is my road less traveled?
What will I seek?

Through the years that blind me,
Through the sorrow, so hungry as to eat me alive,
I seek courage: and courage lives inside of me
Helping me to survive.

For every day, I stand at life’s crossroads
I look at the uncertainty, what really lies ahead?
With faith and compassion to serve as my compass,
I must not be afraid.