#amwriting #depression #poetry  Each wave is not the same, a poem
by Tracy Diane Miller

A sea of pain, an endless ebb and flow ,
Following the rhythm of the day and night,
Where shadows of guilt and shame feed on me,
Is hope absent from my sight?

Each wave is not the same
In the quiet of every moment,
There are so many faces out there visible from the waves,
Voices drowning in sorrow; compassion so desperately craved.

Why can’t everyone see the waves?
An endless ebb and flow,
Why do I hide the guilt and shame?
Afraid that others may know.

That is the siren song of Depression
Depression screams, yet others don’t hear the sound,
Each wave is not the same,
Still, it crashes into the ground.

There are so many Depression stories
Hidden, yet begging to be told,
Where people are kept silent by the burden of stigma,
As the pain of Depression grips with its powerful hold.