Here is a new poem that I just wrote for @sleepingkoala45 :

#amwriting #poetry #thinkingofyou Let your heart be your guide, a poem for @sleepingkoala by Tracy Diane Miller
Ugly words,
Hurled with the cruelest force,
When bias is the hateful purpose,
And decency becomes its collision course.

How does one escape?
Why can’t others see?
The pain that prejudice causes
The sorrow that comes to be.

I wish that I could mold a society of kindness,
Alas, from the cold and vindictive souls of prejudice,
I can’t hide,
Rather, to cultivate a peaceful spirit
I choose to let my heart be my guide.

I can only choose my own actions,
I choose to see the richness of diverse people instead,
I choose to see the strength of my convictions,
I choose to be me is how I look ahead.

To let my heart be my guide,
Is not to surrender to neither hate nor wrath,
To let my heart be my guide,
For it is I who is the architect of my own path.