Today, Sunday, March 12th, is Toni Basilio​​ ‘s birthday. Here is the birthday poem that I wrote for her:

#HappyBirthdayToniBasilio #amwriting #poetry What might this day hold, a birthday poem for Toni Basilio by Tracy Diane Miller
Sometimes, I often wonder: do the sun and the moon conspire,
As they plot the day and the night?
These two entities of opposites,
Mistresses of the dark and the light.

If they do conspire,
What might this day hold?
Are the moments foreshadowed in the clouds,
Or, in the beauty of the sky to behold?

To awake this morning,
As the seconds come rushing by,
Then, to pause with grateful reflection,
At the realization that it’s your birthday is why.

What might this day hold?
I pray for you, this day holds the best it can possibly be,
As you create the warmest of memories,
That are yours for your heart to see.