#amwriting #poetry I remember the me that I used to be, a poem
by Tracy Diane Miller

If I could perform a requiem,
With a heavy heart to mourn,
I would remember the me that I used to be,
In my youth where optimism was born.

Each day when I awoke,
With a hopeful smile to adorn my face,
The moments that lie ahead,
A future I desperately chased.

I remember my past,
I remember me,
Often I’m visited by the shadows,
Of whom I used to be.

I remember me,
For I know that cynicism is a learned art,
When betrayal becomes a broken record,
I’ve discovered how to protect my heart.

Once I rushed time,
Where was I even running to?
A future that held such promise,
I thought I would know what to do.

How terribly ironic,
That towards a future I so naively roamed,
Where in the past were my best of times,
When I truly felt at home.