#amwriting #poetry #thinkingofyou Out of the darkness, a poem for @mykalday1 by Tracy Diane Miller
I have stumbled through the darkness,
With pain serving as my guide,
When even the joy of writing,
Won’t conceal the sorrow that I feel inside.

I have stumbled through the darkness,
With deafening silence and where nothingness is a hollow word,
When out of the darkness, you appear with kindness,
Your sincerity and compassion I so gratefully heard.

For a girl who writes poetry,
Words are always her meal,
For a friend like you who listens,
She finds herself on the road to heal.

I don’t forget for a moment,
That you genuinely showed that you care,
In those lingering moments of sorrow,
When hope emerges from my despair.

In return, you asked for nothing,
You allowed me the space,
You respected that a crowd I would never want,
Your actions I still embrace.