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May 31st is Gregory Harrison’s birthday. In addition to taking this most pleasant walk down memory lane, I wrote a birthday poem for him in his honor.

The call of the ocean, a birthday poem for Gregory Harrison by Tracy Diane Miller. #amwriting #poetry


The call of the ocean.
I hear the waves, so tender.
Some might say treacherous, like a siren’s song.

Not I.
That lone seashell exiled on the sand,
Deep within that seashell, I suspect she hears
the call of the ocean.

Of my youth,
Of Catalina,
To get lost within the powerful arm of a wave,
I’m not afraid.

It is my past, really.
For I have walked the path of many men,
For I have lived the lives of many men,
I’m an actor, it is my lot.

A past that remembers me.
But as I add on years,
I have never forgot,
The call of the ocean.

If you ask,
Do you know what I still crave?
The arms of the ocean,
Her protective waves.

Of my youth,
Of Catalina.